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Why Work with Us?

We offer flexible work schedules, competitive pay, and medical, dental, and vision benefits. Our CNA and Direct Care Staff enjoy up to date training, nice work environments, and the opportunity to excel.

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If you find it difficult to enter the medical field, we can help. Our online training can prepare you for work as a Direct Care Aide working in Specialized Adult Foster Care.

25+ Locations

We have staffing contracts all over the State of Michigan. A position with J2S Group can afford you the flexibility not found with typical care providers.

Stop by the office to interview in-person for CNA and Direct Care  positions, Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.  We are in Suite 106.

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How soon can I start working?

For CNA positions, if you are currently licensed you can usually begin orientation in just a couple of days.  For Direct Care positions, no license is needed, we can usually start you as soon as you complete the online training and our screen process.

Is your pay competitive?

We offer competitive pay based on the location you will be working. Also, many of our locations have opportunities to earn more through merit based promotions.

Do I need medical experience?

Our CNA positions require previous medical/direct care experience.  Our Direct Care positions give you the opportunity to enter the medical field with no experience.

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We have openings for CNA positions in Grand Rapids, MI.  For Direct Care positions we have over 25 locations from North of Traverse City to very near the southern Michigan border. Contact us as we are adding locations all of the time.

We have full-time, part-time, and casual CNA and Direct Care positions available.

You can apply online below, call our recruiters, or stop by the office.

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